a selection of some of the garden transformations

Project one

This old tired garden had only a couple of shrubs in it, a broken shed and fallen fences. The brief was to create a lush, fully planted haven with a seating/dining area.

The garden is very shady, small and shallow so to take your eye away from the back fence I designed the garden on the diagonal with a path through an arch leading to a hammock area. I used lots of shade loving plants and kept the colours simple with purple, blue and white planting to create a calm, peaceful theme. The lighting at night sets off the plants and makes it truly magical.

Project two

The original garden for this client was long and shallow and had no beds, just a tired old lawn. My client wanted a contemporary, clean and easy to tend garden where she could entertain and relax. I designed it with a large semi circular lawn and sweeping curves for the beds which makes it look deeper and takes the eye away from the rectangular shape. I planted evergreen shrubs for all year colour and perennials for year round interest.

Project three

This garden was in a new build and had no planting at all. Just a straight path down the left side to a shed and a rectangular lawn. It was very overlooked by the neighbours opposite so I wanted to create a more private garden. The owner also wanted it to be easy maintenance and to have entertaining areas. The pergola shielded the view from the opposite windows and in time will have climbing roses and clematis covering it. I planted evergreen shrubs and easy to care for plants with bulbs for the different seasons.

Project four

This garden had no areas to plant in except at the top of a raised area in front of the shed which was hidden by balustrading on both sides of the garden. I took away the railings to expose the beds and created raised beds on both sides of the garden and moved the path away from the fence. By placing architectural glass on the front of the back raised areas this made the planting look more dense, the garden bigger and created a lighter area of the garden. Lighting was also placed amongst the plants to create a lovely show in the evenings.

Project five

This garden was a new build and just had the usual lawn and shed in the corner. My client's brief was to have no lawn, raised beds and beds with hardly any maintenance and some trees with produce. I put in an apple tree and a plum tree to give height and interest with blossom and a variety of shrubs and perennials for the whole season.

Project six

The brief for this garden was to create a tranquil, beautiful space to relax in with low maintenance and easy to look after planting. The existing garden was tired with old shrubs and beds, a very uneven lawn and the patio was quite small with old, cracked slabs. I designed a round, smaller lawn with paths and beds surrounding it so making a lovely route to walk around the planting. The client wanted fruit trees so a plum, pear, cherry and crabapple were chosen for their size, fruit and blossom. Evergreen shrubs for all year interest, lots of perennials and bulbs for continuous flowering and colour. All very easy to look after.